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From ultralight spinning to bolognese, from waggler to feeder fishing, this nice reel series gets
everybody happy with its fantastic quality/price ratio, while it also appeals to the fans of bottom
fishing and bolentino with a convenient size 6000. In Italy cosmetic and design are always first
elements of evaluation, while in the central Europe the strength and performances are taken into
serious consideration, and also on such front the Kronos SFX offers the best that money can buy.
The reel features 5 ball bearing + one way clutch. The aluminium spool has an oversized diameter
and a tapered profile, allowing longer casts. The aluminium handle grants great cranking power
and extra reliability. The icing on the cake is a superior drag system, really smooth. This
series is also produced in a rear drag version, named Kronos SRX.

Dodatne informacije


3000, 4000, 6000

Gear Ration

2000 – 5.1:1 (73cm) 3000 – 5.1:1 (76cm) 4000 – 5.1:1 (83cm) 6000 – 5.1:1 (95cm)

Spool Capacity

2000 – 0.20mm – 165m 3000 – 0.22mm – 175m 4000 – 0.25mm – 155m 6000 – 0.30mm – 180m

Extra Spool