Trabucco Max Plus Phantom 150m



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Phantom is the “ghost” line within Max Plus range. His crystal clear colour makes it almost invisible in
water, practically performing like the universal solution for all reel fishing styles, also giving the
best in case the straight line is a must (without hooklink). Other relevant merits are high abrasion
resistance and knot strength, along with a nice smoothness, always a good asset in term of bait
presentation. Undoubtedly, the whole specification list draws the attention of sea boat experts, as they
can use it to make perfect multiple hook’s rigs. The line is offered in 150, 300 and 1000 m spools, with
a surprising value for money and with a nice cover which acts as UV rays protector and include a slot
for the application on to shop’s display boards.

Dodatne informacije


150 m

Promjer/mm - nosivost/kg

0.14mm – 2.10kg
0.16mm – 2.65kg
0.18mm – 3.20kg
0.20mm – 4.00kg
0.25mm – 5.80kg
0.30mm – 8.50kg
0.35mm – 10.50kg
0.40mm – 13.50kg
0.45mm – 15.00kg
0.50mm – 18.00kg