Trabucco Maniac FA 4000



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Thanks to the structure made from aluminum, the Maniac offers an amazing display of strength and
lightness that has already charmed many match and lake trout anglers because the retrieve of the
fish takes place smoothly, without forcing the user to “pump” with the rod. The shallow spool
features a rubber band which prevents the entire package of fishing line to slip under traction,
a frequent risk in case of use of braided lines. Three available sizes allow to equip with perfect
balance a vast panorama of rods; size 5000 proves perfect for feeder match fishing, where the
possibility to reach very long distances is the discriminating factor in the last hour of the match
which divides winners from losers. The shielding of ball bearings and sealing of clutch box prompt
Maniac to sea fishing as well.

Dodatne informacije


4000, 5000

Gear Ratio

5.2:1 (84 cm)



Max Drag


Spool Capacity

4000 – 0.205mm – 150m
5000 – 0.260mm – 130m