Trabucco Dyna-tex X8 Extreme 135m



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A super braid based on eight filaments of Polyethylene with high modulus of
elasticity. Its structural compactness generates a number of benefits immediately
perceptible while fishing, such as the uniformity of diameter
and circularity of the cross section, the fluid flow in the rod’s rings and
the consequent greater casting distance, the enormous tensile strength
and the superb sensitivity. All these values coexist with great softness
and the absence of memory, and it is this combination which pushes
the Dyna-Tex X8 a step higher than similar products. And that’s not all!
The fantastic package which houses the spool allows it to rotate inside,
offering the possibility to transfer the braided line to the reel’s spool
without opening the protective shell. The spooling tension can be varied
by applying a certain pressure with the hand that holds the container. The
fluo orange colour aids visibility of the line.

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