Trabucco Akura Zander Navezana



Fotografija proizvoda ne mora u potpunosti odgovarati stvarnom izgledu i sadržaju proizvoda.
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The extreme practicality of the booklet packages can distract attention from the main technical merit
they offer, which is the absence of folds in the line. The Trabucco booklets, in fact, consist of 10
clear bags, each of which contains a single snelled hook, with the line wound in circular coils. The
first hook of each booklet is locked in a window that allows it to be viewed from outside, thus
helping the pattern identification. Each hooklink is complete with a loop for connection to main line.

Dodatne informacije

Veličina udice - Promjer struna/mm -Dužina strune/cm

1/0 – 0.300mm – 70cm
01 – 0.300mm – 70cm
02 – 0.300mm – 70cm
04 – 0.250mm – 70cm
06 – 0.250mm – 70cm