Rapture Fireknight

46,32 (349,00 kn) 68,88 (518,98 kn)


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The new Mantik family is composed of 3 models, all of them are extremely easy to use and
offering great performance. They can be used in a variety of different techniques, having
models ranging from 9 to 10 feet length. The rods are equipped with natural cork handles
and SiC guides for braided lines use. We like to highlight the great quality of these rods despite
their extremely reasonable price, really affordable to everybody.

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210 cm, 240 cm, 270 cm, 300 cm


7-21g, 10-30g, 15-45g, 20-60g

Transportna dužina

108 cm, 123 cm, 139cm, 155cm