Rapture Chibi Minnow 50mm/3.5g

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What it seems a classic wobbler can actually reveal to be something new, once in water. The Chibi Minnow is a tiny wobbler that is fantastically right for its small size. Only 3,5 grams and 50 millimeters, together with an oversized lip, are a powerful combination that gives a special action to this lure, impossible to get with standard proportioned lures.

The slim profile of the body replicates the shape of a starving and sick small fish that every predator will look as an easy to go lunch. Colours has been chosen carefully to offer a mix of natural and fantasy bright ones, so making this lure a very good choice for every venue you will fish, from commercial lakes to wild streams. It can be used with great success even is salt water for ultra light approach and light rock fishing. It is equipped with snap and two #10 chemically sharpened Powerpoint treble hooks, finished in Black Nickel to hit sand, rocks, woods and other submerged features without missing their original sharpness.

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#12 Black Nickel