Trabucco Black Bass 150m



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This new dark green colour monofilament has been developed for Black Bass fishing, highly
demanded by the US market and also from Europe during the last years. It is the
strongest polymer ever produced by the T-Force laboratories, with a very low
stretch capacity, softer than any other specific spinning line, and it offers the
right technical features that allow the angler to more accurate and longer
casts. The absence of elasticity gives the “direct bait control” allowing to
have the faster strike capacity you have ever experienced. It is parallel
spooled in 150mt spools individually packed.

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150 m

Promjer/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.220mm – 6,95kg
0.250mm – 8.36kg
0.300mm – 11.95kg
0.350mm – 15.80kg