Trabucco Windrose Titanium Acid Plus 2.00m



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A prestigious, highly technical series, able to impress the most demanding of trolling enthusiasts. Besides the six classic models belonging to a power range between 12 and 30 pounds, there are now two 8-pound Ultralight versions dedicated to coastal trollers who hunt for large Leerfish or powerful Bluefish using the live bait (squid, horse mackerel or garfish). Perfect on mid-deep bathymeters, these 8-pound will also make happy the experts of the attendant lead. Thanks to the spiral positioning of the rings, it acquires additional operating power, and that’s why we nicknamed it as “Plus”. Structured in Nano Fiber Carbon, high tech material that allows the production of ultra thin blanks displaying astonishing performance, this series offers a funny parabolic progressive action and allows a perfect management of the fight with the big Amberjack, Snapper, Grouper, Bluefish and Leerfish. The guides are Sea Guide SiC with oval shape ring and low profile frame, fixed by double wrappings to prevent the direct contact with blank when it’s sharply bent. The Slick Butt, that eases the extraction from the rod holder, is coupled with a fore EVA contoured grip for a perfect control during fish fight. The solid aluminium ALPS reel seat is totally corrosion free.

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2.00m/20lb, 2.00m/12lb

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