Trabucco Exceed SW



Fotografija proizvoda ne mora u potpunosti odgovarati stvarnom izgledu i sadržaju proizvoda.
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Since years the Exceed SW has been taken as example of the best reel in its category for heavy
fishing from the boat. It has become so popular you can even find some models that tries to
imitate it! All these imitations usually fail their attempt because always lacking of something, that
is essentially the quality. And despite a lower quality they are even more expensive, without any
technical motivation. All this could be enough to feel proud of ourselves, to have believed since the
beginning to the possibility to build a superior quality reel at a price that can be defined reasonable and
that everybody can buy. After a so long time from his first launch on the market, the Exceed SW continues
to find the favour of anglers and the glory of numerous fishing reports thanks to its great strength,
reliability and endurance. It has been used fishing with heavy metal jigs, and so it went under
strong and continuous stress; it has been used for Bluefin tuna spinning, and it never gave any
signal of failure; finally it has been taken to vacation in the tropical seas, where suffered the
worst treatment you can imagine, for days and days. Not a single one of these experiences
ever harmed it, or just dip into its “skin” (by the way it’s “skin”, or to better say its body, is
made of a noble alloy made of Aluminum, Silica, Copper and Magnesium). If you don’t like
compromises forget the rest and just fish with an Exceed SW!

Dodatne informacije


7000, 8000, 10000

Gear Ratio

4.1:1 (101cm), 4.1:1 (88cm), 4.1:1 (95cm)

Spool capacity

40lb – 300m, 50lb – 490m, 50lb – 570m

Max Drag



10+1 SS