Trabucco Velvet Pro Cast 600m

13,14 (99,00 kn) 16,86 (127,03 kn)


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Specially developed for Surf Casting competitions, it’s produced in an intense, warm yellow colour which is quite visible both under
daylight and during the night, when the head lamp allows to immediately find the real direction taken by the line. Extremely soft, velvet
skinned thanks to silicone treatment and without memory, it flows easily out from the reel’s spool, allowing long casts and preventing                                                                                     the inexpert user from creating line tangles. On the knot side, it’s easy to pull tightly, even in larger diameters: on the hook’s shank as                                                                                      well as on shock leader it creates neat and small knots. The range of diameters is wide enough to satisfy every need of the modern
surf caster.

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0.250mm, 0.280mm, 0.300mm, 0.350mm


0.25mm – 6.67kg 0.28mm – 8.46kg 0.30mm – 9.14kg 0.35mm – 12.76kg