Trabucco Dayton BR s najlonom



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In the wide family of Dayton reels, this is the series prepared with the double drag system. On the front
of the reel stands out the knob adjusting front drag, which is based on over-sized discs. On the rear
side of the body you notice the lever that unlocks the spool, leaving it free to rotate when the fish bites
and moves (Free Runner system). By operating the handle, the lever gets back in the rest position and
the rotation of the spool is braked in accordance with the setting of the front drag system. Ideal for
the classic bottom fishing, feeder or carp fishing, the series offers three medium-large sizes, all
with Max Plus Carp monofilament already spooled, therefore ready to use straight out of the box.

Dodatne informacije


4000, 5000, 6000

Gear Ratio

5.2:1 (84 cm), 5.2:1 (90 cm), 5.2:1 (97 cm)

Spool capacity

0.30 – 180 m, 40 – 190 m, 40 – 220 m