Trabucco Long Cast 300m



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This line has been developed for those anglers that need to make very long casts. The color fluo-yellow
is immediately visible for the angler, but it is almost invisible into the water. This line has a very
good flowing qualities, high abrasion resistance and it is super soft, a combination of factors that
allow this line to be the best in terms of casting capacity. The very low elasticity allows the angler
to be always in close contact with the bait and transmit an immediate strike on the bite. It is
completely waterproof, like all the S-Force monofilaments, and as well as saltproof. Available in spools
of 150 and 300 mts in individual box.

Dodatne informacije


300 m

Promjer/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.200mm – 5.55kg
0.220mm – 6.95kg
0.250mm – 8.44kg
0.300mm – 12.06kg
0.350mm – 15.85kg