Trabucco PTFE Spare Spool Castforce 8000


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In the modern Surfcasting, the use of ever-finer lines and thin braided lines has given rise to the need to adopt reels with shallower depth, if compared to the traditional design, because the volume of the line pack is much lower. But it is clear that an aluminum spool with reduced depth has a large diameter core, for which its weight is inevitably higher than one in the normal depth version. So, here is the Trabucco solution:
a superlight PTFE spool, which fits perfectly on all Castforce Surf reels of size 8000. Its advantages are considerable. First of all, the material is self-lubricating, so that the friction with the line flowing out during the cast is considerably reduced. Then the lightness, which makes the rod and reel assembly more maneuverable and eases the start point of the clutch. Moreover, the resistance to compression and the indifference
to the aggression by the saltwater stand out. Finally, the Trabucco Castforce PTFE spool is offered at a very attractive price to allow the competition anglers to prepare a large number of ready spools, without investing a fortune. Its ideal partner is the X8 Nage Pro Surf braid, packed in 250 meter spools and multi-coloured in 25 meter long segments.

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Spool Capacity

Ø 0,285 – 200m