Trabucco Skorpion



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Strong and accurate: these are two of the main specifications of a Skorpion. The body is made
from aluminium and the rotor is made from light weight graphite. Due to this construction,
the body is really stiff and all the inner gears will always work perfectly, even under heavy
load. The spool is made from cold forged aluminium, while the handle is made from machine cut
aluminium. The spooling is perfect due to the Worm Shaft Gear. The Skorpion comes with a
second graphite spool having same capacity of the main one. The 7+1 bearings are stainless
steel Long Life quality.

Dodatne informacije


2000, 4000

Gear Ratio

5.2:1 (72cm), 5.2:1 (82 cm)

Spool capacity

0.20 – 230m, 0.20 – 285 m


7 1

Extra Sp.