Trabucco Achab Squid Stick



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A fairly broad range of casting weights makes this series ideal for all techniques
used to catch squid and cuttlefish. Developed in lengths of 165 and 180 cm and
with power ranging between 100, 120 and 150 grams, the Achab Squid Stick
satisfy even the most technical and demanding fisherman, as they have an ultrasensitive
tip that enhances the perception of the slightest bites. Built from E-Glass
High Resistance Composite, these rods offer strength and maneuverability despite
thin diameters. Perfect for fishing with Tataki and shrimp shaped lures, loaded and
not loaded, they are finished with salt-proof treated S.SiC rings and screw graphite
and corrosion resistant steel reel seat, able to accommodate reels of medium and
large size; the EVA handle is split with molded fore grip and the bottom grip is
shaped to ease the proper positioning inside the rod holder.

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165 cm, 180 cm


10-100g, 10-120g, 10-150g

Transportna dužina

111cm, 131cm