Rapture Windex Chatterbait 10.5g



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Chatterbait is a wire bait characterized by an hexagonal blade, placed in front
of a jig with a colourful silicone skirt. In essence, it is a cross between a jig and a
spinnerbait: during the retrieve, the water pressure makes it swings frantically,
producing a particular sound that recalls the beating of the teeth (hence the
name) and which draws Black Bass, Pike and Zander attention from a distance,
even in murky waters. As well as the spinnerbait, also the chatterbait is a search
lure, which is used in unknown places to explore the water with continuous casts
and movements, starting to retrieve it at different times from the moment
of impact to the water. The addition of a silicone shad, to be fitted on the hook
as trailer, increases lure’s weight, volume and colour’s attractiveness, as well as
to improving the already good snag free attitude, a feature that boosts its efficiency
in spots stuffed with vegetation. The Windex Chatterbait is characterized
by a jig head with 3D realistic eyes, a robust single hook and a safety snap
to connect the line, and is presented in individual packaging.

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Firetiger, Green Pumpkin Black, Shad, Texas red