Rapture Soul Shad 75mm

6,24 (47,02 kn)


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A new silicone shad, featuring a particular and hydrodynamic shape. It has been designed
with a triangular body’s cross section having lots of small ribs that produce interesting
vibrations while swimming, which attract Black Bass, Pike, Perch, Trout, Zander and Seabass.
The tail is long and ends with the classic paddle shape, which, along with the extreme
general softness, increases the catching rate of the lure. The Soul Shad is optimally used
with most rig’s styles such as Jig Head, Drop Shot, Split Shot and Carolina Rig. Flavoured
and coloured inside the compound, is presented in a resealable bag with compartments that
keep the lures individually separated.

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AYU, BLACK SILVER, GLOWING, Smoke Green, White Ghost