Rapture Sharp Spin Double Willow 21.0g



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Sharp Spin is designed to raise the bar, individually handcrafted and tuned, built around a heat-treated super-wire, stronger than traditional wires, delivering a straight action and avoiding torque even at high retrieval speed.

Available in multiple weights, colours and blade solutions, with incredible attention to quality during the whole production stages, featuring a fine tune skirt for an improved flowing action, lifelike head design with large 3D eyes, while blades are fitted over quality swivel for a smooth rotations and a fantastic action also on the fall or at slow retrieve.

Suited to cover large areas or to fish close to covers and structures. The blades guarantee tremendous vibrations and flashes, with a finicky action able to entice the predator to attack. It can be retrieved linearly, exploring the water column simply by varying the retrieval speed, or alternate a steady retrieve with twitches.

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