Rapture Dyna Tex ULG Braid 100m



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It sends and receives all the signals that lead to the predator’s attack, actually raising the overall level of your fishing action, of course starting from the catch rate. Miraculous line? Not really, but certainly it is an avant-garde product, destined to gain a solid trust from all users, thanks to its intrinsic capabilities and qualities. It features an incredible coexistence of compactness and flexibility, the first guarantor of the breaking strength, the second responsible for the correct presentation of the lure. That’s merit of Japanese technology with which the High Modulus Polyethylene fibers (HMPE) have been braided, obtaining a circular and consistent cross section. The range of diameters is as essential as perfect: after all, beyond 0,07 mm you can no longer talk about «Ultrafine Braid», let alone «Ultralight Game», the application field which includes Trout Area, a large part of Street Fishing, Rock Fishing and Eging, practically the most recent and exciting techniques! The bright yellow color is highly visible to the user.

Super round
Super soft
High abrasion resistance
Superior knot strength
Hyper sensitive
Dyna Tex high modulus P.E. fiber
High cast performance
More compact
No reel memory
Japan Technology

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Dimenzija/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.043mm – 1.81kg 0.054mm – 2.27kg 0.064mm – 2.72kg 0.072mm – 3.18kg

PE # - Dimenzija

0.08 – 0.043mm 0.10 – 0.054mm 0.15 – 0.064mm 0.20 – 0.072mm