Rapture Dyna-tex SPX4 Moss Green 135m



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SPX4 is a 4 strands high modulus polyethylene braided line, built with a very tight
and complex structure that gives the product an extraordinary compactness and a
consequent exceptional roundness in diameter. The evolution of braided Dyna Tex,
specifically the SPX4, is even more effective in terms of flexibility and handling,
easily found by simply touching the line with your hands. These characteristics of
flexibility and roundness are critical to a braid that was created specifically for
casting. Our Pro Team Rapture choose two colours: a classical Low-Viz Moss Green,
ideal for most situations, and an equally classical Hi-Viz Yellow, especially useful
in low light conditions or in those fishing techniques where it is absolutely essential
to have a clear and constant understanding about the position of the bait. The
diameter / breaking strain ratio is top class, due to the use of high quality, high
modulus PE fibres.

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135 m

Promjer/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.100mm – 4.54kg 0.128mm – 5.44kg 0.148mm – 6.80kg 0.165mm – 8.16kg 0.185mm – 9.07kg 0.205mm – 11.34kg 0.235mm – 13.61kg 0.285mm – 18.14kg


Moss Green