Rapture Beetle Area 28mm/2.0g



Fotografija proizvoda ne mora u potpunosti odgovarati stvarnom izgledu i sadržaju proizvoda.
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The Beetle is the imitation of a terrestrial, that is a bug that can occasionally fall into water and become trout food. It often happens that exactly this kind of food, alien to the underwater world, is triggering the killer instinct of trout, maybe due to the high number of vibrations produced by the numerous legs that shake in the attempt to get back to solid ground.

Some of the colour assortment are natural colours, some other are only partially natural. We choose this way because it happens that you need to dumbfound the trout with something special instead to give it a plain 100% true replica of an insect. The lip of the beetle will be useful both if you want to retrieve it steady or if you want it to swim more erratically.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds us and populates our fishing spots, the Creature Series lures represent “Hyper-Real” imitations of creatures and insects in both features and movements. At home in the pristine spots typical of the Native environment, hunting for trout, chub and other predators, as well as in artificial spots typical of the Trout Area, especially in the most vivid color variations.

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Single #08 Black Nickel, Treble #12 Black Nickel