Trabucco Zaratan Live Acid 2.13m/20lb

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After the enormous success of the Zaratan series for tuna drifting, we have worked on the development of a series specifically dedicated to fishing with downriggers and live bait: horse mackerel, sardine, squid, cuttlefish. This is how the new Zaratan Live have been designed, an innovative project created thanks to the close cooperation between Trabucco engineering and Sea Field testers. The result obtained is a series which eliminates all the structural deficits of the traditional rods born for live bait trolling. The innovative E-glass fiber gives the rod a total resistance, while the single-piece structure guarantees screaming performance! The light power classes (4/12 and 10/20 lbs) refer to the degree of bend, but not to the actual power output, which reaches unimaginable levels. The Zaratan Live Acid Plus are really indestructible: you can force the fish in total safety even though the rod gives the fun and sensitivity of a 4/12 pounds! Unmatched performance combined with pure sportsmanship. The Spyral Guide System allows a progressive action that will delight even the most experienced and technical troller. With a 12 lb you will have 100% fun with a 3 kg dentex but, at the same time, you will be able to beat a 70 kg tuna!

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