Trabucco XPS Sinnking Plus 150m



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Born to be loaded on to reels, it is a line with a special multi-layer structure that protects the resistant core, at the same time affecting its flexibility. Its enormous abrasion resistance is the “plus” that distances itself from all other sinking lines, extending its life span and simplifying that of those who use it in waggler fishing or feeder fishing. It is known that abrasion results in a reduction of diameter, with the consequent loss of tensile strength, for which the resistance of the surface layer has been the subject of in-depth studies and field testing, achieving the right balance between the wish of armoring the line and the need for smoothness. Its elasticity is reduced to transfer to the hook all the energy impressed when striking, because in the modern matches you can’t make concessions to anyone. The dark brown color blends it well
on the bottom, while the process of parallel coils spooling (TPS) delivered unaltered to the end user all its original physical properties.

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0.160mm, 0.180mm, 0.200mm, 0.220mm, 0.250mm


0.160mm – 3.60kg
0.180mm – 4.43kg
0.200mm – 5.30kg
0.220mm – 6.42kg
0.250mm – 7.95kg