Trabucco XP 3000 Special Sea



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It’s a groundbait range intended for fishing in saltwater or river’s mouths, and it’s packed
in practical bags of 1 kilo. In order to ease the selection and use by the anglers, we have
created some perfect mixes, each one targeting specific fish species that inhabit the sea.
We started from the classic Super Cefalo and Saraghi & Occhiate, in which we have included
different types of premium quality cheese; passing to the Superficie and to the Fondo Mare,
where we have added attractors and appetite stimulators; to get to the Spigola & Orata and
to Gamberetto, for which we have employed best fish meal and shrimp ingredients on the
market. For the formulation of these recipes we actually used only the highest quality raw
materials, which enabled us to obtain very attractive and easy to prepare compounds. To
make up a perfect mix we recommend to add water little at a time to the groundbait, mixing
it slowly with your hands until the whole mixture is completely wet and tenacious. The whole
thing will be ready when the simple compression exerted with the palm of the hand will be
able to create a soft but crumbly ball, ready to be thrown into the water.

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