Trabucco Taper Line 250m

109,00kn (14,47 €) 138,00kn (18,32 €)



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Tapered monofilament especially for surf-casting. Exceptionally resistant to abrasion and traction. The last 15m of this special monofilament
are tapered on both sides to act as a flexible coupling leaders so that in the event of prolonged use or breakage of the tapered leader
the monofilament can be rewound backwards onto the reel to give a perfect monofilament with tapered leader with flexible coupling again.
It is knotless to eliminate the chance of breaking under tension. Sold in 10 x 250m spool packs.

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250 m


0.18<0.40mm, 018<0.57mm, 0.20<0.50mm, 0.23<0.57mm, 0.26<0.57mm

Promjer/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.18<0.40mm – 4.57<20.13kg 0.18<0.57mm – 4.57<27.50kg 0.20<0.50mm – 5.42<27.50kg 0.23<0.57mm – 6.95<32.50kg 0.26<0.57mm – 8.35<32.50kg