Trabucco Surfcasting Baiting Needle



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Special selection of high quality baiting needles, essential for surf casting. If the bait is badly positioned
on the hook, it happens very frequently that the fish approaching it refuses to bite. That’s why we offer you a
series of selected premium needles, useful to always position your bait in the best and more natural possible
way. The 0.6 mm diameter stainless steel needle (both ends blunt) is perfect with all the thinner worms, such as
Mediterranean Arenicola and sandworm. The 0.9 mm diameter (both ends blunt) is available in two different length
(20 and 30 cm) and it is perfect for baiting bigger worms such as lugworm, bibi, etc. The 1.4 mm needle is made
of brass and features one pointy end. It is the good one for baiting dead fish slices.

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0.9mm, 1.4mm


20cm, 30cm


Brass Needle, Stainless Steel Needle