Trabucco Surf FP Fluoro Power 600m



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Developed specifically for surfcasting, this exclusive monofilament offers an extraordinary level of abrasion resistance, which results
from a hi-tech three-level structure: the high density nano-molecular core that resists traction, the intermediate layer responsible
for flexibility and Fluorocarbon skin that constitutes a true armor. This external layer protects the line from abrasion, caused by the
sand pushed by the waves and by any submerged rocks, but also saves it from risk of cutting by the fish teeth. It then forms a screen for
UV rays, which cannot reach the inner core, causing it to age rapidly. The deep pink color belongs to the red category, so it disappears
at the sight of the fish already at two meters depth. The available packs of 300 and 600 meters are interesting for loading different reels.

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0.165mm, 0.251mm, 0.283mm, 0.307mm, 0.355mm


0.165mm – 4,350kg 0.251mm – 8.350kg 0.283mm – 9,540kg 0,307mm – 11,920kg 0.355mm – 15.790kg