Trabucco Pulse Eging Master #2.0-3.5



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Spinning rod dedicated to all lovers of cephalopod’s inshore fishing, especially cuttlefish and squid. The rod is
designed for the use of PE braided lines, in perfect Japanese style, surely a hi-tech tool that can always impart
the right movement to the lure during its retrieve. The High Modulus CX-1 carbon, from which it is made, makes
it incredibly sensitive and generates a progressive parabolic action, perfect to handle the retrieve of the prey,
without risking the breakdown of its tentacles. The three proposed sized are able to handle lures in the dimensional
range from 2.0 to 3.5, while the SiC rings are absolutely a must for braids.

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230cm, 240 cm, 250cm


Egi # 2.0-3.5

Transportna dužina

120cm, 125cm, 130cm