Trabucco Mito SRX



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Series that picks up the heredity of the lucky Mito XTC, whose white livery has got wide approval
by anglers from all over Europe. But it was not only a matter of dress, because the mechanism
and components have satisfied everybody with their quality and durability, even in case of heavier
jobs at sea. Today the project has evolved, including a highly innovative spool, characterized by
an oversized diameter that brings several advantages. First of all, the line coils are less in number
and larger than usual, with great benefits in terms of casting distance; the upper lip of the spool
is easily reached by the finger of the hand that rules the output of the line in preparation for the
casting, and when fishing running waters with Bolognese style; the drag start is more immediate,
because the lever arm exerted by the line on the braking disks is longer.

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3000, 4000

Gear Ratio

3000 – 5.1:1 (75 cm) 4000 – 5.1:1 (80 cm)

Spool Capacity

3000 – Ø 0.25mm – 265m 4000 – Ø 0.30mm – 250 m

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