Trabucco Match Strong 100m



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Electronically controlled to ensure accurate and consistent diameter, this
match line features unrivalled knot strength and softness. The clear, dichroic
colour makes it perfect to build hooklinks and rigs for freshwater
as well as saltwater. The advanced spooling process, based on perfectly
parallel winding, enables to avoid those dangerous torsions which affect
strength and casting distances, making the line virtually tangle free. Today,
the successful XPS Match Strong family grows with the addition of
new 25 metres spools, surely destined to succeed in the hooklink field,
also in feeder fishing segment.

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100 m

Promjer/mm - Nosivost/kg

0.064mm – 0.66kg 0.072mm – 0.74kg 0.084mm – 1.00kg 0.091mm – 1.18kg 0.104mm – 1.60kg 0.121mm – 2.30kg 0.143mm – 2.95kg 0.162mm – 3.98kg 0.181mm – 5.10kg 0.203mm – 5.95kg 0.221mm – 6.83kg 0.251mm – 8.67kg 0.307mm – 12.72kg 0.350mm – 15.90kg 0.400mm – 18.17kg 0.500mm – 22.72kg 0.600mm – 36.34kg