Trabucco Marvel XTC



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The Marvel XTC offers a good visual impact and certainly high grade of technical contents.
The body made of ultra-rigid graphite, along with the 5 + 1 Long Life stainless steel
bearings, ensures a really pleasant and rather unusual smoothness for a reel of this price
range. The design of the Trabucco Oversized spool offers a number of great advantages:
larger line coils that avoid tangles and give it longer life, greater amount of line retrieved
every turn, better drag performance and better spool control with the index finger. The
bail is made of double-thickness hollow aluminum and, although lightweight, is completely
non-deformable. A spare graphite spool is provided inside the box.

Dodatne informacije


2000, 3000, 4000

Gear Ratio

5.1:1 (73cm), 5.1:1 (76cm), 5.1:1 (83cm)

Spool capacity

0.20mm – 165m, 0.22mm – 175m, 0.25mm – 155m

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