Trabucco Krius FA



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An aggressive, sporty look, enhanced by the fine use of red colour and the essential rotor, which is particularly elegant and modern. At the first handle’s turns, the feeling of respect is immediate. The splendid fluidity of rotation and stability, which are far above the norm, make it immediately clear that it is a purebred horse, and surely this is it, even if the price is a pleasant surprise. The spool, as always, draws the main attention: its oversized diameter is a bonus that characterizes the best Trabucco production, while its “match” profile invites to use relatively thin lines, including braids, which flow gently thanks to the upper “V” lip. The aluminum handle is shaped so as to have the centre closer to that of the reel’s body, achieving a reduction in oscillations and, ultimately, a higher cranking power. Krius is at home in bolognese, waggler, spinning or lake trout fishing (sizes 2500 and 3500), as well as in the feeder (sizes 4500 and 5500).

Dodatne informacije


4500, 5500

Gear Ratio

5.2:1 (89cm), 5.2:1 (95 cm)

Spool capacity

0.20 mm – 200 m, 0.20 mm-180 m

Max Drag