Rapture Swing Gruby 75mm



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The new Swing Gruby is a silicone soft bait with a body of a shad and a grub tail, which is
well suited to be used to fish both freshwater and saltwater’s predators.
This new soft bait was made by the Rapture staff to be used in a wide range of rigs, such as
the “Texas rig”, “Drop Shot” and “Split Shot”. Moreover, the Swing Grub can be used even on
jig heads or as a trailer, accentuating the vibrations of the tail area of the bait during
the swimming. The tail is flat and curved, its considerable thickness creates incomparable
high-frequency vibrations. This soft bait gives its best when searching for black bass, perch,
trout, chub, asp, zander, pike and catfish. Excellent results were also obtained in bass and
other marine predators fishing. It’s available in one size from 3 “(7.5 cm), in 8 very
attractive colour shades, both natural and fluorescent, designed for our waters.

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