Rapture Slugger Shad 75mm

5,30 (39,93 kn)


Fotografija proizvoda ne mora u potpunosti odgovarati stvarnom izgledu i sadržaju proizvoda.


Rapture Pro Series lures are carefully designed in cooperation
with Pro Anglers. Every single model is extensively and thoroughly
field tested before starting production.
We are proud to offer you the best quality, no matter which predator you are targeting.
Rapture Slugger Shad displays a perfect swimming action, with a prey fish alike
shape to imitate weaker fish, this lure is a great match for what predators will be eating
naturally. Each pack contains four Slugger Shad lures and two Jig heads to cope with
different water conditions and depth, so you can get straight out on the bank to catch
some predators!

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FLAME YELLOW, GLOWING, Green Shiner, Lime Yellow, Neon Yellow




7.5g & 10g


4 silikonca, 2 jig glave