Rapture Raiden Pop GT Series 160mm/90.0g



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A family of generously sized Poppers, with two models of 16 and 20 centimetres that can’t miss in the lure box of those who are flying to the warm seas in search of unique emotions with the legendary Giant!

Trevally: for the fans simply “GT”, for any lure a real nightmare! In fact, these lures feature a steel wire which runs through the body and connects all the rings, ensuring that the most brutal aggression won’t destroy it. For those who fish in the Mediterranean, there are countless opportunities for fun with Raiden Pop GT, since Leerfish and Tunas of unpredictable size go after them at supersonic speed, unleashing their fury with runs just as powerful. The oval design of the concave face is intended to raise a mountain of water, sending a clear message to predators; the bright colors will do the rest. Adequate rods are highly recommended, to be chosen within the Rapture Giant Run series, able to cast these heavy lures and also to manage the consequent fight with the necessary authority.

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#1/0 Permanent Steel