K-Karp Eazy Strip Camou Green



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Braided line covered with an easily removable layer of PVC, offering exceptional resistance to abrasion and a perfect sinking action. This
combination represents the best way to create the modern combi rigs, which are formed by a rigid portion followed by a softer section              that ensures high mobility to hookbait and increases the anti-ejection effect. The internal braid is the new Dyna Tex compound with micro      filaments, which provides high abrasion resistance. Two colours are available: Camou Brown and Camou Green, both camouflaged and very    dark in tone. These are ideal for camouflage on both muddy and sandy bottoms and also on those covered with weed. To verify the true            “camou effect”, we recommend to wet the braid: it will totally change the colour acquiring a true camouflage look.

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Camou Brown, Camou Green


25lb, 35lb, 45lb