Trabucco Xenial SW



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If a parallel between a fishing reel and a modern car can be made, being both mechanical engineering creations, the Xenial SW can be described as a permanent four-wheel drive model: at ease on any terrain, it never gives up and completes its journey in fluency, regardless of environmental difficulties. Such it is our tool, a marvel of technology that smoothly runs under load as it would do at home, as if there were nothing at the other end of the line. While spinning, in the sea as in fresh water, it gives life to the most difficult lures, those that generate enormous pressure for their shape, such as casting jigs and long jerk large, as well as crank with important lips that hold the underwater trajectory even when pulled sharply. In vertical techniques, the special collaboration between its mechanical parts, due to infinitesimal tolerances and the nobility of the employed metal alloys, determines a very high general sensitivity and the remarkable ability to absorb enormous stresses, which the braided lines transfer integrally to the reel. And in case of fish? In case of fish the multi-disc carbon drag makes our game, with the handle operating directly on the drive gear to set the plays to zero and avoid any power loss.

Dodatne informacije


3500, 4500, 5500

Max Drag

3500 – 7.3kg 4500 – 10kg 5500 – 10kg



Gear Ration

3500 – 5.2:1 (84cm) 4500 – 5.2:1 (89cm) 5500 – 5.2:1 (94cm)

Spool capacity

3500 Ø 0.285 – 210m 4500 Ø 0.285 – 280m 5500 Ø 0.310 – 270m