Trabucco X8 Extreme PRO 150m



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With full rights bears the name of Extreme, this 8 strand line that is destined to be run after all the other for a long time. Touching it, you immediately feel a compact surface, a circular profile, an unprecedented smoothness. Drawing just half a meter from the spool is enough to notice the softness and the low propensity to form tangles. What else can we ask for? We can’t doubt about his physical resistance: if it seats on the top step of Trabucco range, it must have the credentials. So let’s get it fishing: on the water it will surprise us, with that indifference to the liquid element that seems almost unnatural. It will cut through the water without suffering from its pressure, transferring to the lure the most gentle rod’s movement and communicating to the hand any slightest impulse coming from down there. A dream for those who know a couple of things about spinning and a deadly weapon in all vertical techniques, in fresh water as well as at sea, because it deletes distance and discovers a world of special sensations. Its bright orange colour is very visible to the user, indicating the direction taken by the fish during the fight, but is barely perceptible to the fish already two meters below the water surface.

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0.084mm, 0.104mm, 0.128mm, 0,153mm, 0.185mm, 0205mm, 0.235mm, 0.260mm, 0.352mm




0.084mm – 3.76kg
0.104mm – 4.54kg
0.128mm – 6.81kg
0,153mm – 9.07kg
0.185mm – 11.34kg
0,205mm – 13,61kg
0.235mm – 18.14kg
0.260mm – 20.41kg
0.352mm – 27.22kg


0.084mm – #0.2
0.104mm – #0.4
0.128mm – #0.6
0,153mm – #0.8
0.185mm – #1.2
0,205mm – #1,5
0.235mm – #2.0
0.260mm – #2.5
0.352mm – #4.5