Trabucco Pulse Teleboat 150g

34,99 (263,63 kn) 42,22 (318,11 kn)


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Built from CX-1 carbon, the Pulse Teleboat are dedicated to all mediumlightweight
bolentino lovers, both with anchored boat or in drifting, looking for
sparidaes, giltheads and sea breams. Despite the slim diameter, they reveal a
strong and fast body that transfers the strike power with immediate readiness.
The robustness of the set has been further enhanced by the use of double leg
SiC guides, while the fiberglass telescopic tip optimizes the perception of the
most difficult bites.

Dodatne informacije


210 cm, 240 cm, 270 cm, 300cm



Transportna dužina

100cm, 105cm


210cm – 3 sec.
240cm – 4 sec.
270cm – 4 sec.
300cm – 5 sec.