Trabucco Pulse Max Deep 2.70m/400g

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A series of versatile rods made in two sections, which can be optimally used in two distinct fishing scenarios. The particularly tippy action and the remarkable power reserve make them perfect for fishing on the wrecks to forkbeard, conger, Peter’s Fish, black seabream, also employing small electric reels. The rubber butt cap has a special cross cut that allows insertion of the rod into the holder to keep it firm in a certain position. This feature also makes them suitable for being successfully used in the mid-sized trolling for horse mackerel, bonitos, pompanos, little tunny and bluefish. The Pulse Max Deep series is equipped with two interchangeable fiberglass tips with a diversified action to provide you with the right sensitivity according to fishing condition. Strong, powerful and well finished rods that don’t get scared in front of rig weights up to 400 grams.

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