Trabucco NeoX8 Multicolor 300m



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Neo X8 Multicolour expands the family of 8 braided lines with a range of relatively large
diameters, clearly intended for fish of a certain size. Thanks to its variable color by five
segments of 10 meters each, it allows you to fish accurately at a determined distance or
depth, taking advantage of the very limited stretch to get an evident signal even inmthe case
of a shy bite. In surf casting, trolling, deep bolentino and jigging, the accurate presentation
of the bait in the area where fish develop their activity eases the reduction ofmtime waste and
increases the chances of repeating catches. The 300 meter spool is set in a special case, in
which its rotation can be manually braked to load the line on the reel under the right tension
(Free Line Tension Spool). At this stage, it is very easy to identify the end of the first
150 meters, counting three cycles of five colours, thus having the chance to spool two reels.
In the Trabucco line’s range, it is easy to find the right solution for the necessary shock
leader; in addition to some Saltwater Fluorocarbon, there are in fact specific nylons in the
standard version (Super Soft Leader) or tapered (Taper Leader and Match Taper Leader), the
latter offering the advantage of creating very small knots which smoothly fly through rod

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0.148mm, 0,185mm, 0,205mm, 0,235mm, 0,285mm, 0,330mm, 0,375mm, 0,405mm




0,148mm – 6,80kg 0,185mm – 9,07kg 0,205mm – 11,34kg 0,235mm – 13,61kg 0,285mm – 18,14kg 0,330mm – 22,68kg 0,375mm – 27.22kg 0,405mm – 34,02kg


0,148mm – #0.8 0,185mm – #1.0 0,205mm – #1.5 0,235mm – #2.0 0.285mm – #3.0 0,330mm – #4.0 0,375mm – #5.0 0,405mm – #6.0