Trabucco Cassiopea XTR Surf 4.20/160g


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A definitely brilliant rod series, which stands off the average for its interesting list of technical specifications. The blank is made from CX-2 Nano LRC, a low
resin content carbon of the highest modulus available. The whole range of casting weight models has an impressive fast reactive action and it can be used
in whatever sea or wind condition. The components are top level: genuine Fuji Alconite guides with fluorescent inserts and genuine Fuji Gold Series reel seat.
The 4.50 meters versions features a more parabolic action to allow any kind of casting style. The Cassiopea 120 gr, unlike other casting weight models, fits 7
guides, the perfect choice to drive the tighter line coils created by smaller sized reels. More powerful models have 8 guides and must be combined with bigger
reels (8000 and 1000 sizes). We want to highlight the heavier model too, a 300 g casting weight rod, one of the most powerful surf rods on the market. This model
is actually able to accomplish any challenge and it is a perfect choice for shark and rock fishing with live bait. The super sensitive tubular carbon tips mounted on
each model have been crafted in order to be active also during the casting action, when they help to push your lead to the horizon.

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