Trabucco Atomic XR Power Lite



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  • Telescopic rod with lightweight and powerful blank
  • Ideal for use in both fresh and salt water with medium lightweight rigs and lines with a maximum diameter of 0,25mm
  • Tubular top dection, lightweight and strong
  • Each rod include a wonderful rotating connector to be glued at the top end of the tip, preventing the line from tangling around it

The Atomic XR Power Lite belongs to the hi-tech whips, thanks to the X-Joint technology applied on the joints. The special 45° carbon weaving is visible on the top of the butt section, while in the other joints it is hidden below the X-Cross Wrap carbon filament.

The Atomic offers the same fantastic line connector that enriches the top of the range Energhia XR series. Its body is made from stainless steel and includes a sort of super-swivel. On top side, it ends with a soft segment of braided line that allows you to connect the line, zeroing the risk of line tangles.

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7.00m – 330g
8.00m – 400g


7.00m – 6
8.00m – 7

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