Trabucco Airtek Maggot & Pellet Method Feeder



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These compact inline feeders have been designed to carry on the bottom pellets or sticky maggots, which get a quick hydration thanks to the micro
holes around the body. In the commercial lakes or in slow moving waters, they attract fish downloading the hookbait in the middle of the other baits.
The unobtrusive light green colour involves the lead, too, which has some 3D dots underside for better grip on the bottom. The rubber cone, located
on top of the body, gets the swivel or stops the Fast Change Bead which connects the very short hooklink to main line, while, at the same time, avoids
line tangles with its elongated shape. The product is packed in a stylish blister containing two pieces, and is available in two different volumes
(Medium and Large).

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30g, 40g, 50g