Trabucco Airtek Floating Feeder Closed



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Designed for summer fishing in canals or commercial lakes, when fish feed just below water’s edge, or in shallow
waters, during colder months, these floating feeders download your bait just above the hook, with maximum precision.
Ideal for groundbait, maggots, seeds and pellets, they are individually packed in blister. In order to concentrate
the food pattern in the smallest possible area, the use of reel’s line clip is highly recommended.

The Floating Feeder rig is extremely simple as well as effective. The mainline pass through the swivel’s eye, while
two rubber stoppers limit the feeders’ freedom to slide up and down. A swivel located at hooklink’s joint is worth
to download the torsions caused by hookbait during the retrieve without fish. The hooklink can be very short, even
just 10 centimetres in case of summer fishing.

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