Trabucco Achab XP Boat 200g



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Series of rods built in two sections with a put-in joint: extremely versatile tools
suitable for many fishing situations at sea, while fishing from the boat. The blank
is powerful, progressive and strong, thanks to the use of the HVE material (High
Volume Epoxy-fibers). The double and single leg guides feature a steel shank
which is protected from saltwater aggression. Their ring is made from silicon
carbide for high durability, heat dispersion and to allow the use of braided lines.
Particular attention has been paid to the top section structure, built by splitting
the tubular structure with addition of an E-Glass solid tip to make it very robust,
but at the same time so sensitive. The Achab XP Boat rods are excellent for
coastal bottom fishing, but also to be used for a light surface trolling. The series
offers four lengths, each one with two different power. All Achab XP Boat have
the handle in EVA with molded fore grip for firm, non-slip handling, even with wet
hands. The graphite and steel screw reel seat can house various sizes of reels
and has special windows to transmit vibrations of the bite directly to the user’s
wrist (Contact Point).

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1.80m, 2.10m, 2.40m, 2.70m



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114cm, 129cm, 144cm, 99cm