K-Karp Gladio X3 12’/3.00lb


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Family of rods designed for those who like to have a full battery of quality rods but with reduced encumbrance, thanks to the 3 pieces construction.

The special S.H.M. Carbon made blank allows performance very similar if not identical to a classic 2 pieces rod, having the same specs of accuracy, long range cast and reliability. The attention we used to produce this rod is extreme: 50mm SiC guides, longer reinforced guide wrappings, preserving bushes in the joint: all this highlight a really one of a kind product. Last but not least the reel seat has been designed with computerized techniques and it has been combined with a high density EVA handle that allows a firm grip in all conditions. Guide’s alignment marks for quick fitting and metal rings to protect joints. Light and strong double leg HD SiC guides. Super fine woven carbon line clip, fitted on right side of butt handle.

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