Daiwa Emblem Spod 35 SCW QD


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Particulary designed for spodding and equipped with the newest Slow Cross Wrap line laying system.

The Emblem Spod is a synonym for highest durability and toughness at spodding for years now.

The Emblem Spod 35 SCW QD has been updated regarding the latest technology and now also offers the SCW line lay. In combination with the longcast edge, the casting distance is thus additionally increased. Both metal HIP line clips enable an easy handling during exact casts to the feeding spot and protect the line. The bail is turned by hand to prevent unwanted turning during the cast. The 90mm aluminium power handle optimizes the power transmission during retriving and offers tremendous power reserves to retrieve even big spods over great distances fast and easily.

We are sure – with the Emblem Spod 35 SCW QD Daiwa developed an equal or even better successor, which endures  the high strains during spodding without problems.

Drag power: 15kg

  • 6 ball bearings
  • Infinited Anti-Reverse
  • QD Quick drag system
  • SCW (Slow Cross Wrap) system
  • Silent Oscillation system
  • 35mm spool stroke
  • HIP line clip (double)
  • CNC-machined aluminium handle
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • Twist Buster ll line roller
  • Manual ball return

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