CarpZoom Entrant Multi Pole rod



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Entrant Multi Pole rod
Durable pole rod made from composite material. It resists hits better than
a traditional carbon rod with the same wall thickness. Perfect to use on
stony shore. Smaller ones are great for children while the bigger ones
can be used for catching bigger carp or crucian carp especially if they are
equipped with elastic.

code length c. weight t. length weight sec.
CZ 2835 200 cm 5-25 g 112cm 70 g 2
CZ 2842 300 cm 5-25 g 112cm 130 g 3
CZ 2859 400 cm 5-25 g 115cm 225 g 4
CZ 2866 500 cm 5-25 g 115cm 357 g 5

Dodatne informacije


200cm, 300cm, 400cm, 500m



Transportna dužina

112cm, 115cm